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What Is the Cost of Dental Implants?

What is the cost of dental implants for 1 or multiple teeth?

Missing teeth can have a negative impact on your smile and make it harder to speak clearly and chew food. Dental implants offer an option for replacing teeth you might have lost due to decay or damage, so you can enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful smile. What can you expect to pay for this type of dental procedure? The cost of dental implants varies based on certain factors.

Types of Dental Implants

Different types of dental implants are available, such as the following:

  • Single-tooth implants
  • Full mouth implants
  • Fixed denture implants 

More complex types, such as full mount implants, typically cost more than single-tooth implants. The material your implants are made from, such as titanium or zirconia, can affect the amount you pay overall as well.

Number and Location of Dental Implants

The number of teeth you’re having replaced will also affect the cost of dental implants. Needing multiple teeth replaced, for example, will cost more overall compared to only needing one tooth replaced. The location of these implants can also have an impact on the cost. If you’re having dental implants placed in the front of your mouth, for example, you might need more work done to ensure that they fit in with the surrounding teeth and look as natural as possible.

Bone Grafts and Tooth Extractions

If you need to have bone grafts or tooth extractions done, these procedures will add to the total cost of your dental implants. Bone grafts are done when patients don’t have enough jawbone tissue needed to hold implants in place. Tooth extractions are done when severely damaged or decayed teeth that are going to be replaced have not fallen out yet.

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