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The Best and Worst Foods to Eat During Thanksgiving

Your stomach and taste buds may be grateful for the food, but what about your teeth?

Most people would agree that Thanksgiving has the best food, hands down. From turkey to mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie to apple cider, Thanksgiving is bound to make our taste buds spin. However, there are some foods that aren’t the greatest for our teeth.

Here’s a list of best and worst Thanksgiving foods for your teeth:

Best Foods:

  • Vegetables: Good source of calcium for stronger teeth.
  • Turkey: Good source of vitamin D and protein.
  • Nuts: Produce extra saliva to fight off bacteria and are filled with minerals.
  • Cheese: Good source of enamel strengthening calcium.

Worst Foods:

  • Cranberry Sauce: Filled with sugar, acid, and has a sticky texture that can stain enamel.
  • Stuffing: High in starch and which breaks down into sugars, which accumulates on the tooth’s surface.
  • Alcohol: Decreases your saliva production which fights off bacteria and washes away food particles.
  • Pumpkin Pie: Filled with sugar which feeds cavity-causing bacteria.

There’s no need to opt-out of enjoying a slice of pumpkin pie or a plate of stuffing, it’s just important to know what you’re getting your teeth into. So enjoy all the yummy dishes at your Thanksgiving feast, but perhaps try to reduce your portion size.

At Desert Ridge Dental, we wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!