Rosie's Testimonial about getting implant dentures at Desert Ridge Dental.

Rosie’s Testimonial

Rosie has been a patient and friend of ours for a while now. Her smile was becoming pretty uncomfortable and she needed our help to make it beautiful to look at and functional to use, again.

Rosie has a beautiful voice so we’re going to let her tell you her experience in her own words:

“My name is Rosie and I am a patient here, at Desert Ridge Dental.

Well, I woke up one morning and my front tooth broke off. So, I knew Pat (obviously), and I rang her and I said ‘Can I Make an appointment?!’ So, she made an appointment and I came down and saw Dr. Rogers and he told me that ‘Bad news, you need the top all out’

For the next 18 months, we went through that. He removed all my top teeth. I wore dentures… I didn’t cope with the dentures, I used to gag! 

I was terrified of dentists, as most people are. But Dr. Rogers is just amazing! His staff, his nurses and techs are just wonderful too.

Now, I smile a lot more. I can eat apples and I can eat steak, and I can promise you that the dentists and staff here will never judge you. They are wonderful people, totally non-judgmental; and I have been to dentists in the past who have judged me, so I’m very impressed with the fact that they don’t”

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