Mary's Testimonial about her experience with recieving braces.

Mary’s Testimonial

Mary is a local working mother. She and her whole family come to Desert Ridge Dental to keep their smiles clean and bright. Mary has recently taken her smile to the top of its game and would like to tell you her story in her own words:

“My name is Mary, and I have 3 kids and our entire family comes to Desert Ridge Dental.

I went to Six Month Braces because I had braces in the past when I was younger and since I’m older now, I didn’t have the time it was going to take to come to the appointments for two years; and when I called and inquired it was about six months, so that is what interested me in the beginning.

I love it! I can’t stop smiling and then I got my teeth whitened, also, because I referred a friend, so the office offered me a free whitening, then I bought a whitening kit and I love it!

I believe that the best candidate for Six-Month Braces is a full-time working adult. It just so happened to work really well for me, because it’s on the way to work and I’d stop by here and then go straight to work.”

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