Mark's Testimonial about his experience getting dental implants.

Mark’s Testimonial

Mark is a patient and friend of ours who has been suffering with a bad tooth for a while now, but not anymore. His smile had become pretty uncomfortable and we were happy to help him make it comfortable and functional again.

Mark has offered to tell his story and we’re happy to let you hear it here:


My name is Mark and I’m a patient here at Desert Ridge Dental.

I was missing a tooth on the lower portion and I would chew on the left side only, for several years. But, I got a dental implant and that has really worked out to be wonderful.
It looks natural, it was not very painful to install, and it looks real. My dental implant feels very comfortable, it’s like one of my teeth.
The dental implant is really nice because it’s like one of your own teeth. It’s really low maintenance, you just floss around it and it’s really sturdy to chew.

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