Improving Your Oral Health

5 Ways to Keep Your Teeth, Gums & Oral Health Strong 

Having healthy teeth and gums tends to reflect your overall health. Not taking care of your teeth and gums can lead to a variety of oral problems along with heart disease, respiratory problems, and dementia. To ensure you are taking the utmost care of your teeth and preventing such problems, there are ways to improve your oral health.

Use a Better Toothbrush

Using a toothbrush with tough bristles do more to damage your teeth than help them. Switching to a toothbrush with softer bristles will help strengthen your teeth and gums.

Floss Daily

Flossing is one of the least popular tasks when it comes to oral health. However, it is the best way for removing food particles that get stuck in between your teeth, developing plaque. Prevent this by flossing at least once a day.

Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a great way to access crevices in your teeth and it also cleans germs off the areas in the mouth you may not always brush. Using a mouthwash with fluoride can also help strengthen your teeth, preventing cavities and gingivitis.

Drink Tap Water

Fluoride is one of the most beneficial minerals in your teeth. It prevents tooth decay and can be found in certain types of toothpaste, mouthwash, and tap water. Drinking more tap water will not only keep you hydrated but will also help strengthen your oral health with the fluoride found within.

Have a Healthy Diet

Just like our bodies, eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat can improve your oral health immensely.

It can be very easy to forget about the importance of proper care for our teeth, but when we learn of the dangers of what can come from poor oral health, we can take the necessary precautions and get on track to a healthy smile. Make sure to visit your dentist at Desert Ridge Dental twice a year for even healthier teeth and gums. Schedule your appointment today!