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Full Arch Dental Implants

Improve your smile with full arch dental implants

Full arch dental implants are a great solution to the problems caused by the loss of permanent teeth. At Desert Ridge Dental, we can create a denture-like set of replacement teeth for your upper teeth, lower teeth or both. We completely customize each tooth so that it perfectly aligns with the teeth opposite of it, whether real or implanted.

Full arch dental implants, or implant dentures, require the absence of, or the removal of all of the teeth on a given arch. The application requires 4-6 implants to mount to, for either arch, upper or lower. If you have dentures now, the implants can be inserted and a temporary set of teeth can be attached to them while you wait for your permanent arch to be created.

Even if you don’t have dentures now you could be a candidate. If you’re missing a few teeth, and the remaining teeth are deteriorating, we can remove the rest of the teeth on the arch and replace them with a beautiful, full set of teeth. If you’re having teeth pulled on the lower arch, the anchors can be implanted the same day. On the upper arch, however, it takes a few weeks for the bone to heal before the anchors can be inserted. In either case, temporary arches will be provided while the permanent implant arches are being created.

So, is it time for you to consider full arch dental implants? If you’re sick of fighting with your traditional full or partial dentures, these are a great permanent option. If you’re embarrassed to speak or smile because of your missing teeth, or the pain of a deteriorating smile, let us help you. We can ensure that you have a beautiful strong smile that will last you the rest of your life.