Charyl's Testimonial

Cheryl’s Testimonial

We have some amazing patients here at Desert Ridge Dental and some of them have been with us for years, even following us from office to office before we opened this practice.

One of these great patients is Cheryl, and she was kind enough to be interviewed for a video testimonial (below) that we’ve transcribed below.

“My name is Cheryl and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Rogers for about 4 years.

I first met Dr. Rogers when I had an extraction at one dental office. I liked him very much, and I had never seen anyone do a crown without deadening my mouth, and he did not. And it didn’t hurt. He worked on the crown out of my mouth and then fit it on, and that was amazing!

He then left that dental office and they wouldn’t tell me where he went but one day I went into that dental office and there he was. So, I asked him, “Where did you go?” and he told me, and I followed him there. Which was probably an hour and a half away from me, from my house. He then left there to come here, to Desert Ridge Dental and I followed him here.

Dr. Rodgers is very non-judgmental, he’s very calming, he gives you choices… And what I like about it, as a retired nurse is, I like to have my input listened to, and he listens to my input. In fact, he gave me one choice and I said, “no I’m not going to do that”. And that was fine. And the choice I made was the choice that I wanted for me.

I don’t want any other dentist but Dr. Rodgers.”

We love our neighbors and patients here in Albuquerque NM. and we work hard to ensure that all of our customers have a great experience and amazing healthy smiles.

If you’ve had a good experience, we’d love your reviews and if you know someone we can help, feel free to recommend us to them for any of our dental services.