Smiling young woman with braces

How Adult 6-Month Braces Work

Unexpected but true… Adult teeth still move, and adult 6-month braces can help keep them in line.

If you’re not sure if you need adult 6-month braces, check your smile to see if it has shifted since you were a teenager. Our adult teeth continue to move and shift even though all of our permanent teeth have grown in, causing our smiles to deform and become crooked. Some adults don’t mind the crookedness, others, however, become self-conscious about their smiles. If your teeth have started shifting, but you’re concerned about enduring long years of traditional braces, there are alternatives.

There is now a set of braces that will get you back to your perfect straight smile in a manner of only 6-months.

Here’s how adult 6-month braces work:

As adults, our front teeth tend to be the ones that move out of place and they are also the ones we show when we smile. With six month braces, we only focus on your front teeth and leave your molars alone.

Six-month braces are similar to traditional braces but are made with different and less obvious materials. We use nickel-titanium archwires, which gently shift teeth into a more desirable alignment and clear brackets. The brackets are placed on the tooth surfaces and then attached with the white wires, giving them a nearly invisible and blended look.

If you feel your smile isn’t as straight as it used to be, but don’t want to go through the year(s) of traditional braces or the embarrassment of having them as an adult, call Desert Ridge Dental to make your appointment for six-month braces today.