6 Month Braces

Do 6 Month Braces Actually Work?

Memories of youth are often lit up by the light reflecting off of someone’s metallic braces.  Traditional treatment with those monstrosities lasted for years and was really crippling to self-esteem during that formative time.  Worse yet, if you didn’t get to have braces in your youth, thoughts of finally straightening your teeth as an adult are quickly tossed aside because, well, who wants to go through that?  Aren’t you too old for braces?  The good news is that the years of humiliation associated with being called “brace-face” are a thing of the past.  With 6 Month Braces, you can have the beautiful smile you have always wanted in a fraction of the time, without even a hint of embarrassment.

If you are facing a problem with the alignment of your teeth and the length of treatment, the solution is 6 Month Braces.  It is important for you to know that this treatment is:

How are 6 Month Braces are Different?

While the process is very similar to that of traditional braces, the materials used are different and less obvious.  Clear brackets are placed on the tooth surfaces and are attached with white wires, allowing them to blend in remarkably well with the teeth.  Using nickel titanium archwires, we are able to gently shift teeth into a more desirable alignment.

Are 6 Month Braces Effective?

It is hard to believe that this treatment can be as corrective as traditional braces, but it is true.  In as little as 6 month, teeth can be effectively realigned without the time and embarrassment that is associated with traditional braces.

Are 6 Month Braces Inexpensive?

While the price does depend on your needs and your dental insurance benefits, the cost to you of 6 Month Braces usually amounts to around $3500 – $5000.  This is significantly less expensive than traditional braces, and payment plans are available.

Come in for a free consultation and we can help you decide if this is the right plan for your needs.  Don’t wait any longer; you deserve to feel good about yourself and proud of your beautiful smile.