Implant Dentures

5 Reasons to Switch to Implant Dentures

Why Choose Implant Dentures?

Your smile is one of your greatest assets and sometimes one of the first impressions that you make. When teeth are lost due to damage, age, or gum disease, it can not only leave you with gaps in your smile but also can result in skin sagging in your face. While traditional dentures were usually the norm to remedy the problem, they can come with a number of drawbacks. The good news is, there are now implant dentures which involve inserting a metal base where your tooth was and then securing the denture into place. Check out these five important reasons to trade out your old dentures once and for all:

1. Implant Dentures Preserve the Jaw Bone and Provide an Improved Appearance

An amazing benefit of implant dentures is that they can help prevent further deterioration to your jawbone. When your teeth are missing, or severely damaged, there will be less jawbone which will then cause a decrease of bone growth. Promoting bone growth will provide improvement for the health of your mouth as well as an improvement in the structure of your face.

2. Implant Dentures Require Less Maintenace than Traditional Dentures

With the dental device secured into the jawbone, there is no need to apply adhesives as you would with traditional dentures. They do not require any special solutions or treatment and can be brushed, cleaned, and flossed in the same way as your other teeth.

3. Implant Dentures Provide for Better Comfort than Traditional Dentures

With the secure fit of implant dentures, they feel more like a part of your natural smile. You will be able to eat and speak clearly and with no pain. Their strength also provides you with a stronger bite, so you are able to still enjoy all of the food that you love. Since the dentures will not be repeatedly removed and replaced, you will suffer less gum irritation.

4. Implant Dentures Have Better Stability than Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are less sturdy and due to their removable nature, are subject to slipping throughout the day. This can lead to apprehension to eating harder foods due to fear of your dentures falling out or becoming damaged.

5. Implant Dentures Will Give You More Confidence than Traditional Dentures

As mentioned above, you will experience an improved appearance to your face and smile and your new teeth will appear the same as your previous ones. The durability of the implant will also allow you to speak, eat, and smile with ease, providing you with added confidence that they will stay in place.

Don’t let traditional dentures stop you from enjoying your smile. Switch to implant dentures to improve your appearance, confidence, and overall oral health!