Pediatric Dentistry

Some families have to split their family members between a general dentist’s office and a pediatric dentist’s office. But not you. Our dentists at Desert Ridge Dental are as capable of caring for your children’s teeth as they are of caring for yours.

Pediatric dentistry typically focuses on the oral health of children, ranging from infants to age 18. These little mouths require smaller equipment and different kinds of treatment. Baby teeth are different from adult teeth and might need specialized techniques to best meet the needs of these temporary teeth.

Our professionals will help instill in your children proper brushing and flossing practices, and teach you how to best support these techniques in your home. They will clean and polish your children’s teeth and are able to apply fluoride treatments and sealants. They can also address tooth discoloration to give you peace of mind and help your child to have a confident smile.

And for little ones who are unable to overcome their dental anxieties, our special sedation methods can be employed, with your permission, to make your child’s experience as pleasant and effective as possible.

There is no reason to run all over town to meet the varying dental needs of the age ranges in your family. Desert Ridge Dental is the one place where you can trust the quality and skill of each dentist for every member of your family.